Ben Orford Flatter Curve Crook / Spoon Knife (Left Handed)


This flatter curved left handed crook / spoon knife is very good if you are making lots of flatter eating spoons or shallow bowls due to the fact that the blade leaves a very smooth flat surface. The large area of contact with the wood leaves very few tool marks so very little finishing is required. The standard flatter crook knife can also be used on other parts of the spoon and woodcraft projects and is a great addition to any carving kit.

When choosing crook / spoon knives, having a pair of both left and right handed is very useful when carving spoons and bowls. It allows you to cut from both sides and cut with the grain, leaving a smoother surface. If you are right handed the right handed crook knife is used to make cuts towards yourself and the left handed one has the cutting edge on the opposite side and so can be used with a pushing cut (vice versa if you are left handed).

If you are purchasing your first crook / spoon knife I would suggest that you buy one that cuts towards you e.g. if you are right handed you would choose a right handed crook knife.

The blade length is approx 2" (50mm) long with 3" (75mm) diameter curve. Razor sharp and ready to carve.

Also available in a right handed version.

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